The consequences of a failed IT system and the resulting data loss can be severe. Without considering the impact of a natural or man-made disaster, here is some hard data on the impact of IT system failure and data loss:

Aberdeen Group conducted a survey of IT managers in May, 2013, for “IT Business Preparedness: A combination of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.”  They reported that all organizations, regardless of size, suffer significant financial losses for any even minimal amounts of down time. Aberdeen calculated the average cost-per-hour of downtime for all respondents and reported:

  • Average downtime cost per hour was over $163,000.
  • Small companies lost over $8,000 per hour.
  • Medium size firms lost over $215,000 per hour.
  • Large organizations reported losses over $600,000 per hour.

Timico, a UK communications service provider, surveyed IT managers in March, 2015 and found:

  • More than 70% of IT managers have never worked out the cost of the resulting downtime despite having experienced outages.
  • A minority of respondents admitted to never backing up their data.

Vanson Bourne surveyed 3300 IT decision makers from mid-size to enterprise-class businesses in 24 countries during 2014 for EMC and discovered:

  • Data loss and downtime cost enterprises more than $1.7 trillion in the last twelve months.
  • The number of data loss incidents is decreasing but the volume of data lost during an incident is growing.
  • 71% of organizations are not confident of their ability to recover after a disruption.
  • The average business experienced more than three working days (25 hours) of unexpected downtime in the last 12 months.
  • Other consequences of disruptions were loss of revenue and delays to product development. 

Businesses using three or more vendors to supply data protection solutions lost three times as much  data as those using a single vendor. They were also likely to spend an average of $3 million more on their data protection infrastructure compared to those with just one solution.

A data backup and recovery solution will protect your IT system from data loss or lengthy recovery time for a server replacement. Without protection you will have costly people downtime and could even lose business. 

JAB Technology is partnered with the best business continuity solution providers on the market. We will do a no cost evaluation of your IT system and estimate the savings that result from protecting your data. 

JAB Technology will manage your entire Mac and/or PC system, including:

  • installation of a backup and recovery solution;
  • guaranteed replacement of backup and recovery hardware every three years;
  • monitoring and response for your entire IT system;
  • provide this comprehensive package at less cost than employing an IT manager.