Smart solutions that raise productivity and lower costs.

  • Storage
    JAB Technology America understands that data storage requirements are growing at an exponential rate. We design size, implement and migrate your storage with the most innovative solutions to provide a better cost of ownership and a lower per terabyte cost.
    Storage Partners Include: HPE | Scale Computing | Nimble | Alletra | Dell
  • Servers
    We realize that server technology and infrastructure are fundamental to company productivity in either a physical or virtual environment. With our partnerships and expertise, we will assist in the design, implementation, and migration of your server infrastructure.
    Server Partners Include: HPE | IBM | Scale Computing | Dell
  • Backup, Retention, and Recovery
    We understand that backup, retention, and recovery are all important parts of a data solution. If your systems fail, then you must be able to recover that data whether that’s through an on-site appliance or the cloud. We can help you implement a solution that’s right for your company and ensure your data is available to you even in a time of crisis.
    Backup, Retention and Recovery Partners Include: HPE | Scale Computing | Unitrends | Broadcom | Acronis | Barracuda
  • Virtualization
    We can help you with your virtualization needs whether you’re just starting with virtualization or simply want to optimize solutions that you already have in place. We have engineers with expertise in major virtualization solutions and can help design, implement, and migrate your server infrastructure.
    Virtualization Partners Include: VMware | Microsoft | Citrix | Scale
  • High-Availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR)
    We provide HA-DR solutions that help your business stay productive and reduce downtime. We will design, implement, and provide HA-DR for your company, whether you have multiple sites or the cloud.
    HA-DR Partners Include: HPE | Unitrends | Barracuda | Zerto
  • Professional Services
    We have a highly experienced technical staff who can help with the design, implementation, and migration of solutions we recommend. We also partner with manufacturers and distributors to provide the highest quality professional services in the industry.
  • Maintenance
    We realize that sometimes it’s not feasible to purchase new equipment, so our engineers are able to perform maintenance on your existing equipment. We have many years of experience with most manufacturers and can usually diagnose and remediate issues for the minimum cost.
  • Cloud Solutions
    JAB Technology America is all about the cloud. If you want to move your Microsoft applications to the cloud, back up to the cloud, have disaster recovery in the cloud, or even co-locate to the cloud, then we can help. Ask us about our cloud solutions and how they can help you stay productive and safe.
    Cloud Partners Include: HPE | Unitrends | Barracuda
  • Wireless-Switches-Firewalls
    We know that no solution can help your company without the infrastructure to run on. We can assist with all your infrastructure needs whether it be the procurement of equipment, the design of a new switch/firewall infrastructure, or the implementation/upgrade of your wireless infrastructure. We can provide diagrams and useful tools to help you with all of your needs, including Visio diagrams, wireless site surveys, heat maps for wireless, and many other tools to help you develop a plan.
    Wireless-Switches-Firewalls Partners Include: HPE | Cisco | Meraki | NetGear | SonicWall | Dell | Fortinet | WatchGuard | Barracuda