How to move your company ahead and navigate the perilous internet

Security issues in 2023

The Challenge: Addressing current challenges to improve business outcomes, transform business models, modernize technology, enhance customer experience, yet maintain the utmost security for your organization. The Solution: JABTech is prepared to assist you with: JABTech will: The Results: Providing your company with the most complete solution you need to move your company into the new technology era.

Cybersecurity Threats to the Enterprise

The threat of cybersecurity hacking in organizations, corporations, and enterprises of every type is much greater than most people are aware. Law firms face an exponentially greater risk due to the fact that in addition to the firm’s own vulnerability, their clients’ information is also at risk. The recent hack of the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca and release of the so-called “Panama Papers,” should…

The Cost of An IT System Failure

The consequences of a failed IT system and the resulting data loss can be severe. Without considering the impact of a natural or man-made disaster, here is some hard data on the impact of IT system failure and data loss: Aberdeen Group conducted a survey of IT managers in May, 2013, for “IT Business Preparedness: A combination of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.”  They reported…